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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, August 19, 2021

ReeMarkable Pays Homage To Uncle Luke With A Dope Pool Party In "Don't Stop" Visuals!

 As someone who has a legendary lineage in Hip Hop, ReeMarkable knows the importance of embracing the OGs that paved the way for us in this fine culture we've cultivated for ourselves. In the video, she gets with Luther Campbell better known as Uncle Luke to throw a pool party reminiscent of how he did it back in the day even though she described it as friends listening to music by the pool.

She didn't stop there. The artwork also pays homage to the 1997 cult classic Booty Call starring the big homies Jamie Foxx and Tommy Davidson. This record is an event in itself!
Though he wasn't sure it would end well, he granted her wishes and the party went all the way down! This whole record is quotable with visuals you cannot unsee and trust us that's a good thing. Check it out below and leave your thoughts. 

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