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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, July 3, 2021

Coture Conversations: Joe Gifted

 As Hip Hop continues to evolve, some of us are completely on board with the direction it's going and then some of us cringe at the future of our beloved culture. This is why we need artists who are risk-takers who are not afraid to be original. Let us be honest, the majority of the artists today see what's "hot", copy, and paste. Thus, creating an assembly line of manufacturing rappers who are extremely predictable vibrating at the lowest of frequencies.

But, as we sift through the rubble all is not lost. Great minds are rising above the noisy, overly saturated social media streets of the music industry and we're here to highlight one of them. If you don't know or haven't heard by now, Joe Gifted happens to be a high-powered voice that only gains power and applies pressure.

His 2017 hit Water made waves through the streets and the net garnering over 1.9 million views and he is still eating lovely off of that record in 2021. Not many artists have that under their belt and still have an arsenal of records solo and with prominent names in the industry.

Joe Gifted is fully aware of his purpose and he is moving in it accordingly. He recently released Big Gifted a solid body of work with seventeen slabs to get the streets prepped for his upcoming project entitled "Bars". We won't go into details about the concept of this new project as we had the homie break that down in our conversation that you are about to watch.

A respected name on the scene in Atlanta, Gifted, a name he adopted in an executive decision will be one you won't forget we can guarantee that. Check out our conversation. You'll find that the homie is beyond the level of your average rapper. That is because he's an artist who believes in his craft and not in this thing to go viral using tacky gimmicks on the net.

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