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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, June 10, 2021

T-Quest Music Review: NICE by ekay

 ekay is a whole vibe! Shout out to Rogue City Entertainment. They see something special in ekay, helps her, and gives her the guidance she needs to elevate in the music industry. Born and raised in Dubai but now residing in California; ekay is definitely a "need to know artist." She has a neo-soul vibe but is always expanding and experimenting with her sound as well as evolving as an artist. It's fun to diversify. ekay never wants to fall prey to doing more of the same. With a background in spoken word, ekay is all about crafting her sword & honing in on her skills. Often teasing her listeners by spitting lines then would break into singing one line.

 As an artist, ekay loves to write about love; beyond the love of a person or a non-love of a person. She talks about the experience of being a black woman and the love of self. That's a topic that's so dear to her. The concept when it comes to self. Love is portrayed as a fairy tale but no one talks about the love journey and how to love yourself. Those topics really drove her pen. Streaming on all musical outlets right now is her song titled NICE. It talks about a love interest. "Whenever we women take a stand about what we want it is either greeted positively or taken negatively. It's a conversation about taking the time to stand up for yourself. I'm still out here doing me." This is more uptempo than what she usually does but please make sure you check it out.

Even though ekay's song NICE is doing very well, please be on the lookout for her up-and-coming project. She's trying to give her fans something different with this new project. Catering to different sounds, staying true to the market while staying true to self. In essence, trying to unlock something another female is not out here doing. Curating an evolving sound that allows more people to check in to what you're making, that's important. If an artist creates simply for self, it will remain with self or selective ones who seek you out. ekay is on to something and I'm excited for what's coming next. Remember, NICE by ekay is on all streaming platforms right now! Don't forget to check out the music video on youtube as well. Follow ekay @reallyekay to join her on this journey. 

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