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Wednesday, March 31, 2021

V!be Legacy: Mr. Everything

 The idea and hope behind “Inspiration” is definitely needed during these difficult and trying times; so where would one look for that inspiration? (You may be wondering silently… )Well, I know a Man and his name is Roosevelt Conyers but his ring name is "Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews.

As a child, before he found wrestling he dabbled in track for awhile but once he became more disciplined and focused he discovered his true passion for and within professional wrestling. Wrestling? Yes! You read that correctly: 


His eyes as a child grew wide eyed and full of wonder as his biggest inspiration and motivation: The Undertaker

stomped onto the scene with full confidence ready to twist and turn the arms and legs of his his next opponent(s). The noise! The cheers from the audience and fans aligned with the hard dark atmosphere of his character made for one bad ass moment that will never leave the hearts of true wrestling fans!  

Mr. Everything has always admired The Undertaker and still does to this day. He admires the way he performs and his whole presence throughout his 30-year career has impressed him a great deal!


Mr. Everything still remains a humble guy even though he is knows he is the best of the best. So he chuckles when asked how many matches has he had so far but then replies: “I gotta throw a ball park figure of close to 2,000 matches in my 11 year career all over the US.” He goes on to shared that just about every match is memorable in their own way but at the very top of his list would have to be the tag match he had on WWE NXT against Heavy Machinery.

In order to be as successful as he is in the wrestling world he has to have some support and that support comes from his family. His mother, naturally loves and encourages his passion for wrestling! She tells him all the time to keep pushing forward and never let anyone stop him from getting where he wants to be (And all your fans, followers... agree! Keep going you got this!)

Now, when you have a desire to accomplish a goal, sometimes you have to make sacrifices. The two things he didn’t know before he started taking wrestling seriously was #1: the amount of time it would take him away from his family. #2: the long hours on the road and constant traveling it takes to be successful. Those two things alone keep him away from home a lot. As an added bonus he also wasn't aware he’d love wrestling as much as he does nor did know he would be given the opportunities he’s received from it so far. 

HE is not only a wrestler but he is also an exceptional Father. 

So, as a wrestler he as to be coachable, open to suggestions and criticism. Yet, as a father he has to be available, flexible, open to change, as well as being able to teach his son and learn as he goes. 

So, I'm getting some pretty awesome vibes and I'm totally feeling like he has a bright and promising future, what about you? Oh by the way his major goal and ultimate plan is to utilize his connections to get a tryout with a major company so he can get signed! 

He is determined to make it happen this year! Of course, right now due to Covid restrictions keeping wrestling events very limited he’s been working on some acting and modeling projects too. 

He’s also got a couple of writing projects and a TV series he’s working on that's due to be shown soon that will be done and released by the summer which is all very exciting and we can’t wait to see what he brings us next!


I know you want more! So don't hesitate! So show some love on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. You never know he just might respond with a "Thank you." Oh, and don't forget to catch my vibe!

So check him out at the following social media links below

Victor Andrews (@Im_MrEverything) / Twitter

Roosevelt Andrew Conyers (

"Mr. Everything" Victor Andrews (

Thank you for reading. Stay safe, safe health and stay tuned for more adventures and excellent quality. 

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