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Monday, March 8, 2021

Anti Black Activity Database (ABAD)

 With the rise in propaganda pushing the false narrative that Asians are being attacked by Black people in large numbers due to them being Asian, we have to counter that narrative with actual factual data. This is where the big homie Tariq Nasheed saw an opportunity to build a database designed specifically to tally up ANTI BLACK crimes and attacks. Not "people of color", not "minorities", nor "disenfranchised" people which are all vague terms used to muddy the waters when things are targeted in an uplifting or empowering manner for Foundational Black Americans (FBAs).

Now we have a database specifically for us. While they blatantly lie through this propaganda and have made Asians a protected class by your president Joe Biden signing an executive order, we still get the brunt of racism but no executive orders to protect us. This is why we have to protect ourselves and this database is a weapon we can use to counter their lies.

Go to the Anti Black Activity Database (ABAD) and stay on top of the daily racist crimes that are committed on us that the mainstream media refuse to cover. These people will not be truthful. There will be no come-to Jesus moment for these racists in Amerikkka. Let's get to work.

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