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Tuesday, January 5, 2021

This Is The Face Of BET. A Network For Black People With A White Face

 BET has been around since 1980. The sole purpose of the network was to target a Black audience by telling our stories and projecting images that we can relate to, preferably in a positive manner. For the most part, in the first 20 years of the network, this was the case. Shows like Video Soul, BET News with Ed Gordon, BET Talk with Tavis Smiley, Our Voices and Lead Story would serve as the media go-to for Black issues and commentary.

This all changed in the year 2000 when Robert L. Johnson sold BET to Viacom for $3 Billion which was founded by Sumner Redstone a white American billionaire. We don't have to dig into the details as to how this was horrible for Black culture but it was good for Mr. Johnson's pockets. If you were alive long enough you noticed the decline. You just didn't have the details.

As of today, the woman you see in the image above, Shari Redstone the daughter of Sumner Redstone serves as the president of National Amusements the parent company to ViacomCBS which is the company that owns and oversees CBS, Showtime Networks, Paramount Pictures, MTV, Comedy Central, and BET among others.

Now ask yourself this, can a media outlet owned by a 66-year-old billionaire white woman speak to the lives of the average everyday Black American? Or can they just exploit and manipulate our culture by using us as the source and the consumers?

You can answer those questions for yourselves. We're here to stimulate the Black mind. Just know that they've more than proven that they have and will pervert our culture for massive financial gain and to destroy generations of Black minds that lead to death, prison, oversexualized women, and dope heads.

It's all cloaked in fun and fake concern by using our faces and energy. Have you ever seen Shari on any of the programs on BET? Have you ever seen her twerk? Have you ever seen her in a rap video with her ass exposed while rappers pour champagne down her body? We highly doubt that. But you can bet she made and makes a pretty penny off of us doing so.

If you're okay with that, you're at the wrong publication. While you may see some of those things over here, we're 100% Black-owned and we're not here to exploit our own people but to uplift and elevate them in their endeavors whatever they may be.

We are the new Black media. We're coming for their necks.

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