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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, January 27, 2021

MostPrecious Promotes: Meet David Alter an award winning Musician who is a Doctor from Canada!

 Before we dive in and build an emotional connection from this soundtrack, let us get to know the composer himself, David Alter. A brainchild, phenomenal composer, singer-songwriter, and music producer, and arranger with high success in the health field. Plus, he is a conservatory-trained musician which plays a huge part in his compositional skills. David is a doctor but only ever wanted to be a musician, out of the norm to his peers but inspiring to us who love the music he creates. Alongside his 1500 composed original songs, he pioneered the first-ever created music-medicine lab for cardiovascular health in Canada. From receiving awards for songwriting and getting radio airplay throughout North America, Europe, Australia, and counting. It's safe to say that David embeds the definition of success and the figure of uniqueness. Expanding his many professional and musical accomplishments, he embarks on another creative journey with his latest masterpiece of 20 handcrafted songs. It’s hard for me to stop writing about David because his life and musical journeys are so inspiring but it’s time to talk about his new musical release titled, “Resurrection”.

A collective of satirical rock tunes, laced with heartfelt words of passion. A mixture of multiple genres and sapphires that describes what and Resurrection can be and should be. Let me talk about six special classics off the developmental project for an historical screenplay arranged by this multi-facet creative from the Canada, David Alter.

Although this soundtrack has a collection of 20 tracks, I will be like to talk about the 6 songs that spoke to my musical spirit.

RESURRECTION: The opening song on the soundtrack welcomes you with calmness and a boost of shuttering awakening once the drums roars high. I honestly want to see the musical after listening to how this song mashes together so well. I must mention how enticing the lyrics are and the rage of emotions, I can understand completely why his kid said, "he gotta live his dreams". This song blends greatly with the music on the alternative and classical rock level. SO SAYS THE MAN: I am the type of person who lives for good lyrics and composition. Instantly, the lyrics captivated me and touched me in a way that became overwhelming. I found myself tapping my feet from the very beginning. David's songwriting abilities are so inspiring and intoxicating. Even though these are for a Musical, I can surely see them being performed live in big arenas as a concert worldwide. FORGIVENESS: This song is so warming and beautiful. I found myself speechless and deeply touched. The lyrics touched my heart and spoke to my emotions. I honestly didn't know what to expect after pressing play for this song based on the title but the point is to never judge a song by its title. STILL BELIEVIN': Opening line, " There's a man that I know and he opens up the show to a crowd of empty chairs and stained-glass windows, stage all to himself". These lyrics are so inviting, instantly I envision this man and I felt his hope and still believed the picture that lyrics created. David is a true songwriter because every word recited creates an illusion and the images from the screenplay. I want to see this screenplay right now, David! FOLLOW THE LINES: this song gives a very dreamy and satirical rock feel. While listening to the lyrics blended with the music arrangement; it's hard to ignore the classical and alternative poise. I felt a mild darkness, pain and determination to go ahead and follow which lines that appear to be necessary. Lastly, I will like to talk about my experience with the song "HOLY MOSES". Remembers me of rendition from a historical 70s soul song blended with purity laced on organs like church on Sundays. Overlaid with harmonies and similar arrangements to some of your favorite songs from artists like Bill Withers's Lean on Me and pop rock like the Beatles plus Rock n Roll. As as you press play, you are trapped to your seat and entangled by the music composition and lyrics. After listening to all these songs, I feel brand new and calm with my thoughts.

Such a great selection of lyrics and instrumentation. From the amazing musical arrangements, and the titles chose for the songs, you will open heartedly become an enticing fan. Take a List and Join David Alter on the journey to Resurrection.

I am personally excited to invite you all to experience this masterpiece in about 6 weeks but I have included snippets below for you. Surprisedly, I wasn't sure what to expect from the title but David's lyrics and composition made my heart speak with rapid and racing beats.


So says the man:

Still Believin':


Follow the lines:

Holy Moses:

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