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Friday, January 8, 2021

Domestic Terrorists Freely Admit To Federal Crimes On Social Media. Feds Have Yet To Buss A Move

 It is absolutely caucastic to watch these white people admit to federal crimes on social media as they, the FBI, takes to social media asking us to help them find the very same people they allowed to storm the capital. Just look at this mess.

Let's just start out with Jenny Cudd. But she is just the tip of the iceberg. Charlamagne Thagod gives you more with his "Donkey Of The Day" segment. It is unreal. But is it though? Really? 

To those of you who are Black who still believe that there will ever be any justice in an illegitimate system like this, you really need to share some of that dope you're consuming. It must be nice to live in such bliss. They're literally not even trying to hide it anymore. They're super sloppy and in our faces with it, yet we still have people thinking that voting for Biden and Harris or even Trump will change anything. You can't be this gullible this late in the game people. 

We can most likely predict the next move. This story has been played out over and over again. They literally have no new plays in the playbook.

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