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Thursday, December 10, 2020

Tommy 'Tiny' Lister "Deebo" Has Passed Away At 62

 2020 has dealt yet another blow to the legendary Black iconic world. The big homie Tommy 'Tiny' Lister or better known by the world as Deebo, has passed away. Oh, this is touching the world rapidly as we report this.

Tommy was found dead on the scene in his Marina Del Ray apartment authorities say after being called to the scene for an unconscious male just before 3pm Thursday 12/10/2020. There is no word on his cause of death as of yet but we will be sure to update this article once the report is out.

This man has had a career going back decades starting in the 80s. With many roles under his belt, the more memorable one is him as Deebo in Ice Cube's "Friday' trilogy.

He will be remembered and held deep in our hearts as he touched so many of us with his beautiful spirit even when playing a bully. Rest in Power king!

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