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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, December 10, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Be Careful

 As we enter the last month of this interesting year, things are starting to shift & change. It's getting colder outside and if we've learned anything from this pandemic, cold weather is a trigger. I understand many of us are trying to get in as much "hang out" moments as we can before we possibly get shut down again. 

Cold weather, flu season, and co-vid is a bad combination so I'm asking you all to be careful. I've seen many pictures and videos online and hardly any masks are visible. This concerns me because this pandemic is still very real. Most people who haven't been personally affected are still acting as if co-vid is not real. 

I know people want to hang out, get on a few trips, and have fun but don't put your life at risk; it's not worth it. People are still contracting it & dying. I'm not anyone's mother, just someone who cares so all I'm saying it please be careful. 

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