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Monday, December 14, 2020

Pfizer's CEO Won't "Cut The Line" For Covid Vaccine His Company Created 🤔

 Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer the company that recently developed the first approved covid vaccine with BioNTech, actually stated that "none of the executives and board members will cut the line" referring to taking the vaccine. So, let us get this straight, you created the vaccine that has been approved to be distributed to the masses, you deem it safe but you don't want to take it because you feel like you're cutting in line?

Who in their right mind thinks that this is logical? The man has many reasons as to why he doesn't need the vaccine, like him being 59 and in relatively good health. But, he stands to make a ton of money of course, from the distribution thereof.

The details are here Pfizer’s CEO hasn’t gotten his Covid vaccine yet, saying he doesn’t want to cut in line.

We are a Black-Owned publication that cares about the Black community first. These people have a history of putting their community first. Do you really believe they created something that would save lives from a deadly virus and they wouldn't be the first in line to get it? 

It's far past time for us to let them do the thinking for us. We're brilliant minded people. There's no way we're going to allow the pharmaceutical industry run by white elites to convince us to take a vaccine that they won't even take themselves. He literally said that neither he nor his board members will "cut the line" If you're not insulted then you should probably line up for the vaccine.

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