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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

Coture Conversations Model Series: Marcia Polite

 We are now entering familiar territory. In the realm of the modeling industry, there are many elements to what it takes to be a successful model. There are many more elements to being an independent freelance model. No one knows this more than that baby Marcia Polite.

Over the past four years, this woman has put in the work necessary to prove that she is worthy of the success that comes with being a supermodel. She has a portfolio filled with a diverse body of work. She's been featured here in this publication many times, even gracing the cover. See for yourself Marcia Polite features.

Not only has she been a repeat phenom at our publication, but she was also noticed by Phillip Scott of The Phillip Scott Show and featured in VoyageATL "Meet Marcia Polite". She's obviously a go-getter and it seems as if she's not seeking or asking for your validation. She has made her own path and is traveling it at her pace, as she sees fit.

Marcia has joined the team as a face and rep for our publication as well as the Fleet Models. With her body of work and continued work ethic, she has no reason to quit. With more work in her portfolio than the average model on the come up, she doesn't have to say much but certain things must be made clear. That is what we do in our conversation.

No filter, just straight to the point. That's where we're going with it. She's not asking, she's telling and we're the platform that allows Black voices to be heard without worrying about what others may have to say about us. We are the culture of the world. They follow us. So listen when Kings and Queens are talking. 

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