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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, December 1, 2020

66 yrs old swiss Rap sensation; Rich Nana is back with a new single "Think About It"

 “A tick-tock of a clock simmers the track into life, before reverberating basslines kick the ante up and Rich Nana comes in with her stacatto empowering rap.” - WONDERLANDBursting onto the scene fresh from kick-starting her music career earlier this year and going viral with half a million views on “Papi Chulo”, emerging artist Rich Nana drops the highly anticipated visuals for her hit track “Thinking About It”.

Complete with her empowering presence and positive can-do attitude standing at the forefront in the glamorous official video out now, the 66-year-old exudes empowerment as a self-made entrepreneur standing confident in her presence as an older woman in the industry, attaining her goals and not needing validation from anyone.

“Luck is when opportunity meets good preparation, so never give up until you are five feet under,” she explains. “I rep for the women in 2020 to show everyone that we know what we can achieve and us women are the bosses behind the scenes. We step forward, always faster.”

Born in an orphanage in the Czech Republic, later adopted and moving on to Germany, Rich Nana doesn’t let the circumstances she was born into affect her life outcome. With determination, drive, and a want to sing instilled from a young age, an initial role working at a strip club soon led to the rapper owning the business - kick-starting her skills as a savvy businesswoman building her empire.

Working hard behind the scenes on new music - which includes a collaboration with renowned Hip Hop artist Snoop Dogg at the top of 2021 - Rich Nana serves as an inspiration to women everywhere, going for what she wants in an unapologetic manner. 

With support to date from the likes of key tastemakers WONDERLAND and MTV GERMANY, plus followers and supporters in the form of fellow artists Cardi B, and Stefflon Don, it’s an exciting time for the rising star, who makes it known that it’s never too late to start new things.

There’s certainly no sign of this destined superstar slowing down anytime soon.

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