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Tuesday, November 17, 2020

ScrilltownMO and Sony are honored and enthused to announce the release of Street Music & Meditation

 ScrilltownMO and Sony are honored and enthused to announce the release of Street Music & Meditation "This Is My Therapy" Vol. 1 a compilation of the hottest tracks from the hottest artists on the label. 

With tracks from Jay C, Treehigh Codeine, Mark Free, Queen N'Tisha, Tshe, Jaykid, Exurt Beatz, DJ Rome, FamilyB4Fame, Live Loud Global, Yungazz D-Locsta, MStylez, PennHouse, Ji99a6OO, Kungfu Keifer, Rudegal 4.0, MP Mascotti, & OsoKing Mezzy there guaranteed a track to fit everyone’s playlist needs. 

A mixtape project filled with feel-good music; music that tells stories of happiness and pain through creativity and diversity having music that crosses over into multiple genres. 

Feddie Scrillz was quoted saying ‘This is music to meditate to, to vibe to. You know, just FEEL good music.’, when asking how to describe the mixtape. 

Make sure to stay tuned and follow ScrilltownMO today!! All artists featured on the mixtape are slated to released upcoming solo projects in 2021

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