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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

LightSkinKeisha "Clones"

Looka here, Big Bank Beisha (IG) didn't come to play this time around with this new album Clones. She literally shits on her ops on every track. It seems that she has had to deal with a lot of people doubting her rise and now that she is poppin she is not sparing nobodies feelings.

Every track boasts of her success, her bangin ass body plus the pretty face, and her bag she's running up. But, nothin breaks down the vibe of this body of work like the outro Demon Time where she spits "I did shit for bitches when I had nothin in my wallet, so how the fuck you blamin me because you couldn't keep it solid?". On that song alone there are so many potent jabs at her haters delivered in such a sick uncanny flow that you feel bad for anyone on her bad side.

If this record doesn't make it clear that she's not going anywhere anytime soon then you're definitely listening with the ear and heart of one of her ops. Period.

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