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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Caskey 'I Changed'

If you're an avid subscriber to our publication, you'd know that when it comes to Florida artists, we go hard. The homie Caskey needs no introduction as he's been the game for a solid 15 years at least. Managing to keep a stronghold on his fanbase while building it up through consistency over the years. 

With the release of I Changed, he sets to make clear what the title states. His flow is in the pocket fitted precisely over the crisp production. As you can see in the visuals for "McQueen Fiend" his creative juices are flowing effortlessly spitting "you just mad I ain't the old me"

Everyone from the 407-321 should be bumpin this album proudly as this week he is in town so there should be some connections happening. This one is for the Central Florida Hip Hop wave.

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