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Monday, August 10, 2020

YOLO - We Are One ft. Культура Небес

In June 2020, “YOLO” which stands for “You Only Live Once”, was formed by songwriter, composer and lead vocalist Zuhair Abbas and guitarist Rafik Hachana. They met while attending Innopolis University in Russia.

Inspired by the social issues taking place worldwide, they teamed up to release their debut single titled, “We Are One”. The song is an empowering song reflecting on human segregation and discrimination. Determined and very passionate, “YOLO” is the next wave of music curators to reach success. With the song like “We Are The World'' written by Michael Jackson, this song captures similar vibes that brings happiness worldwide. “We Are One”, presents a unique lyrical structure masked with an alternative sound of powerful instrumentation. You can feel each lyric, drum, and guitar on this professionally created masterpiece.

As this song presents a collective of cultural vibes from YOLO’s creative space and passionate causes, you will find them to be a musical genius who welcomes you to join them for a mind blowing sound one lyric at a  time. Join YOLO’s world today by streaming ‘We Are One” on all music streaming platforms.


We Are One



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