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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, August 30, 2020

V!be Legacy: Brian Fury


Brian Fury

Best Advice: 

"blood is thicker than water but the agreement is thicker than blood"

Well-known Artists, He Would Work with

Jadakiss and Fabolous! He has always dreamed of working with raw talent!

Originally born in Brooklyn, NY

 Relocated to Durham NC in 2011

He believes with confidence that he is more of a Recording Artist and Song Writer at the moment but he doesn’t limit himself. He knows he will be performing on the stage more in the near future. He is currently promoting his new single "Sparks & Explosions" produced by Lokey in partnership with Blackops Militia set to release with an upcoming World Breaker: Fury EP (the song has already been praised by Insomniac Magazine and OT Genasis himself). The World Breaker Fury was mixed by Absolute from Bullcity Sound studio.

Every Artist and Creative has a reason for their creations. So, the concept for World Breaker signifies strength, - that being a balance in music productivity which shows diversity. The Sparks & Explosions references the wonderful beginnings of relationships until those beginnings are worn out, “something I’m sure a lot of people can relate too,” he adds thoughtfully. He writes all his lyrics but he’s always open to working with a variety of Artists to bring to life his captivating Masterpieces. His current featured Artists are with: BoogottiShiceRed @shystyred172 and Rasheeda Wallace @rasheedawallace

His reason for getting into music is a simple one. He explains: “I got tired of hearing garbage on the radio so I started writing...” His uncle was a DJ at the time and they spent countless hours passing the Mic during events and during that time he understood why he is such a huge fan of The Lox, Fabolous, and anyone with actual lyrical skill delivery and ability.

Most Artists’ will say that they love all their songs but when asked to reflect on which one would be his favorite he shared that he and  “Boogottishicered have released 3 mixtapes since beginning their collaborations two years ago (2018). But, their standards on music quality is very high, so it’s hard to say which one, but if he HAD to pick a song, he would say "Sparks & Explosions" because of he feels the audience will definitely relate to it!


Concerts & Performances

He hasn't had many performances, at the most maybe 2 or 3. But, back in 2012, he did perform at The Pour House! Of course, the crowd was awesome! He shares with enthusiasm “It was such a pleasure performing there!” In his element, he had to evolve as an Artist first before he just started putting himself out there completely. So that meant perfecting his music craft and delivery. He truly feels that now he’s at a point where he’s satisfied that his music will go internationally viral. 

What makes him stand out from the rest of the Artists? Well, he shares with joyful confidence “not many good Puerto Rican Artists out there! Also, I have a unique vocal sound, unlike anyone, although some have tried to compare lol. My flow is custom to the beat I write to, the delivery will always have a unique element to the harmonies on that beat!” There is no stopping his passion once he gets started!


So, we are excited to hear more music and attended more performances to see how much he masters his artistry. But of course, with covd-19 going on it is really hard to gauge what will happen. The goal is always longevity and monetization which he and his team are in the process of doing now. His accomplishments have already begun to Wow audiences, so with World Breaker Fury being finished, now they are just waiting to pick a release date. He and BoogottiShice are working on a joint LP album but are in the earlier stages of production! And that’s something we all look forward to hearing!


For More Info and Bookings Check Out 

@brianfurymusic is my handle on Twitter and IG, 

or you can visit

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