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Friday, August 21, 2020

Meg Thee Stallion Makes Confirmation Tory Lanez Was The Shooter

Has anyone heard from Tory Lanez? He has been mighty quiet since the Meg Thee Stallion shooting. What could he possibly say? Well, after this confirmation on the allegations that he was indeed the one who shot Meg, we don't see how he could ever recover from this debacle. This is not good for him at all.

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Megan had enough!

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This allegation is probably going to be the end is his career. There's absolutely nothing he can say or do to get this dark cloud from over his head. It's best he falls back and make some investments if he already hasn't. 

Tory, keep that simp ass behavior in Canada. You got the world looking at us here in the states like this is how we rock. Nah bruh.

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