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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Kaneesha Taughtu: Everything you NEED to know about KYLE RITTENHOUSE

Kaneesha Taughtu covers the topic of the content of the viral video(s) of the white supremacist who was obviously deputized to go out and shoot protesters. He was also seen being tossed bottled water by the police in military-style vehicles while they thanked the white militia for being out there. 

There's also footage of white militia explaining that the police were attempting to drive the protesters towards their direction because they know that they would be able to deal with them.

To our people, if you're out there unarmed at this point, you're sitting ducks. It is blatantly obvious that they're at war with us, fully equipped and deputizing normal citizens against us. This guy Kyle Rittenhouse was allowed to shoot 2 people. We need to get on code and get on it now!  

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