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Monday, August 17, 2020

Kamala Harris' Prosecutors Sent This Innocent Man to Prison

For those of you Black folk out there that are on the Kamala Harris bandwagon, this man's story should illustrate a portrait of what she's likely to bring to Black men and women on a large scale as the Vice President of the United States. Yes, we know most of you will not be swayed by any facts that would prove anything other than her being the savior of Black people (just like we thought Barack Obama was and you see how that worked out for us) but, we have to put this in your soul and let it marinate to that if Biden wins and they take office, once she rains down the fury with the vitriol that' been proven that she has for Black people, you can't say that you weren't warned.

We do not support either party or candidate. This article is not an endorsement or support for either candidate. This is just us being aware and using our platform to make our subscribers aware. Fuck that election. Fuck a vote.

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