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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, August 11, 2020

DJ Gea's HotZone: Kueen K "You Like This"

Kueen K is an edgy but sexy artist that brings that Jersey by way of Bama. Being a model her style and skill catches many people by surprise. She has a very seductive, hood, and catchy style that pulls you in when you listen to her music. With the experience of opening up for artists like Shawnna and working with producers like Tigga Bounce out of Atlanta, Kueen K is ready to make her mark on the game. Her previous tracks like "Big Bag" you can hear that street sexy edgy that makes you really want to get in touch with yourself. 

On I’m Kueen Bih you get to hear Kueen spit straight bars and bring that Jersey street flow to the table and proves she is more than just a sex symbol. She has that real seduction that you can envision when you play her music. Everything Kueen K has her hands in or on you can feel it come to life from her handmade wigs, model shoots, to the new music she has out right now. 

Her single You Like This speaks to a real freaky conversation that pushes seduction, sexy, and Skills to the top level. The way she puts her words together with emotions and passion on the track, you can make a movie off of the lyrics. She definitely puts herself as the top choice and explains how she gets it. 

Kueen K is on to something special with dope skills in front of the mic & camera and sets the bar high for models that do music. If you are looking for more than a pretty face with a sexy body, then Kueen K is a great choice to give you your music model fix. 

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