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Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Aurora PD terrorizes a Black family including a 6 year old girl

As the images and videos of the brutalization and terror Black people face in this country go viral every day, one can't help but see that cameras are only shedding light on what's been happening but are not changing much. The justifications and overall acceptance are jarring and it's now evident that they're using these images as intimidation. Basically, they love the footage going viral. It penetrates the subconscious of the masses to believe that we somehow deserve this and should always be handled this way.

This situation illustrates that and more. A Black family out minding their business is held at gunpoint to lay handcuffed on the hot asphalt under false allegations and a "mistake" by Aurora PD. This is happening all too often and as we can see, there are no consequences or no end in sight unless we force it ourselves. Take a look at the footage below taken from Twitter.

After looking at this footage and all of the other evidence available to us, if you're Black and still don't believe that you should legally arm yourself to protect your family or that Black men and women have to stick together because we obviously have no friends, then you're dead weight at this point. 

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