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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, July 16, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Let It Happen

Recently, I’ve written a song about two people meeting & falling in love Organically. During this lyrical journey, I take you back to old school love. Taking you back when enjoying each other’s company was more than enough. Going out on PG dates like skating or grabbing a slice of pizza & enjoying the vibe. Laughing hearty laughs, getting to know one another & just connecting organically. No pressure of social media, not worried about the opinions of others & only focusing on each other!

 I went LIVE on Facebook to get some feedback on the track. Personally, I feel the main reason why people were excited about it was because of what I was rapping & singing about. Yes, my delivery, flow, and beat was dope but it was deeper than that. I allowed people to reminisce about the good times when it came to dating. When you would meet someone, have a normal conversation and if you clicked organically, you took it from there.

Unlike in today’s society, many people are too focused on not just impressing the other individual but impressing their friends & social media. Desiring to go on expensive dates to impress the other party not knowing in certain cases, all of that is not even necessary. Many don’t take the time out to get to know one another anymore. Everything is fast pace and people wonder while many relationship don’t last anymore.

What happened to dating? What happened to courting? What happened to love? I’m trying to bring that back. Not only in my songs, blogs & radio shows but in real life. We all deserve love, a chance, something new & refreshing but it takes time, patience, and the right one to make it happen. Don’t overthink it, be true to self, and allow life to run it’s course organically. You’ll be surprised to what may happen.

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