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Sunday, July 19, 2020

KaDora Simmons: Beauty from Construction Paper

Her advice to anyone who is pursuing a modeling or drawing career
Go for it!
Don’t allow anyone to stop you from becoming something you want to be!
Don’t be afraid to try new things even if you think you can’t do it; you can!
KaDora Simmons aka KayyNicole is a talented joyful spirited young woman who got started in art as early as 5 or 6 years old. She is use to creating any and everything from arm casts — using construction paper and tape; wallets— using empty Capri sun pouches; purses— using old skirts. But, her first artwork piece was a charcoal drawing she did in high school and she showed it to my mom.

When she started modeling it was in April 2016. Her inspiration to start was honestly her curiosity for the Art of Fashion and Modeling. She was always drawing on paper & creating things, she thought maybe she could be a Designer too or a Model. So, she started in modeling by being a makeup artist for a friend. Her family has always been supportive of her Creative talents and gifts but, when she first started modeling, they weren’t so sure about it and wanted her to be safe in picking events and agencies.

But, a designer by the name of Ashley Renee asked her to fill in for a model that did not show up and then Perry Norman saw her walk and asked her to be apart of Sheena Johnson’s Annual Mental Health Fashion Show, and her family felt better and now, they are more supportive than ever.
 She does all types of drawings and creates logos yet she paints most of the time. She says with confidence that she WILL BE a famous Artist in painting, drawing and modeling! She has lost count on how many people have asked and used her services. She’s sold all types of artwork from sunsets to custom pieces to black artwork and more. 
She even created a piece for the Black Lives Matter Movement. If you go to downtown Greensboro you will see two of her murals—one on the wall of Artistika Nightclub and the other across the street from Crafted Tacos! She continues to inspire many others who may be too shy to speak up for themselves, she has a giving heart and a gentle loving spirit. She shares that the best advice that she has received is: "Never let a “debbie downer” distract you from what God called you to do. You have a great talent that was specially made for you. Keep going! -Everyone." Her journey in this art world is just beginning and we are certainly excited to see her blossom and shine in the future weeks and months ahead of us! 

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