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Thursday, June 18, 2020

Get Hip with Mos P: Lamont Barz- WORKED HARD FOR IT

A fitness lover with a fun and smooth rap style. Lamont Barz has an unprecedented music mind-frame that might not be common to the normal music lovers but will create a new bond of self-consciousness.

His voice compliments the bars recited and his ability to write songs that push exciting awareness of fitness. A soaring fusion of hip hop laced with poetry and pivoted with a melodic overlay. You will enjoy this record’s outrageous concept and empowering hook that unfolds the true intent of Working hard for whatever you put forth efforts to do. A Niagara Falls resident,, he is an accountant by day but a hip hop artist 24/7, who deserves your time at least once.

“Worked Hard For It” delivers a calm and pleasant sound that drives your heart to race at a relaxed pace. This song presents an unorthodox creative intelligence that only the true music lovers will appreciate. Once you press play, you will get a smooth melodic female voice that lays the foundation for the Lamont Barz show. Not your common radio trap classic but surely will hold the top place on all the online independent artist streaming platforms such as Soundcloud. 

This song presents a calming rendition from Lamont Barz’s creative space of fitness and goal-setting. His passion sets him apart and a musical genius who welcomes you to join him for a pivoting outlasting blast of sound.  Join Lamont’s world today by streaming “Worked Hard For It” on Soundcloud!




Instagram: Lamont_barz

Facebook: Lamont Barz

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