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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
New Season Has Arrived!

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Friday, May 29, 2020

Vibe Legacy: R.O. Hutch The Show EP Out now!

Best Advice 
Stay true to yourself and leave it all on the mic. 
Many Artists start off with a vigor and power but they have to work at it, yet the music has always been second nature to R.O. Hutch! Raleigh stand up!
Make some noise for one of our own Hutch aka: R.O Hutch! (Put some respect on that name!) His ability to speak on complex topics and lessons makes his music more relatable to the common person!  The rap, poetry, songs, and writing music is a way calm the chaos in the life lessons he learns and provides opportunity for him to connect with larger audiences! 

He considers himself to be a unique blend of both MC and Lyricist. He takes pride in his ability to control a crowd as an Emcee, but he knows without a doubt he’s definitely a lyricist too. The name of his current album is called: The Show EP. He was inspired to create this album because of the need to SHOW why he feels he’s the top of the brass in terms of his talent and ability as an artist. 

He writes all his own music but he’s not against brainstorming ideas with other Creatives or having choruses done by other artists. Oh yeah! like that one time he worked with one other Artist on this EP, her name is Egypt. She actually did some writing on a record called: (On & On). Check it out! It's fire!

His passion for writing songs came with making music the need to express himself. He was inspired by both his father and his older cousin: Black Jeruz. Now, he’s performed at many different venues where some crowds were larger than others but he most remembers performing for a large crowd that actually were fans of music, so his music although new, was received with warm regards and acceptance. 

If he could perform with any Artist he would perform with Charlotte NC’s own DaBaby. He admires the energy he brings to all his stage shows. He believes that he could learn a lot from a Creative Mind and Brilliant entertainer and Rap Artist act such as DaBaby.

There is so much to learn about this Artist! This was only a teaser to all the excellence he brings to the table. So, one EP is not enough. He is releasing more music! His plan is to release an EP every 3-4 months and also release visuals to all songs on these projects. 

So, Contact and check out his bran-related material at:

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