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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, May 14, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Smile For Me

I honestly believe I be freaking people out. When they hear my voice, they can’t help but smile. “Are you always this happy & chipper? You must be living your BEST life!” When I hear people speak like this, I can’t help but laugh.

 They swear my life is easy & amazing! I’ll take that but what they need to realize is, I choose my emotions. We all have that choice. When we wake up in the morning, you have the choice to smile, frown, cry, or laugh. I make the decision to smile & wake up every morning with the feeling as if it’s my birthday!

Some may think I’m crazy but that’s ok. Let’s be real, no one is perfect. Life isn’t easy for many of us so what do we do? I know what’s going on in society. I’m aware of the dark cloud roaming but I won’t allow it to control me. I handle my business but I handle myself first.

Me personally, make it my business to do certain activities throughout the day that makes me smile such as dancing, listening to comedy, writing music or talking to only people who truly make me happy. I suggest you do the same.  These small gestures can go a long way, especially for your own sanity.

You owe it to yourself to be happy even just a little in these trying times. I say this often because many of us need a friendly reminder. Self care, self awareness & self love… You got this!

This is Ms. Gotta Love Me herself T-Quest & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media @TQuestGLM


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