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Saturday, May 9, 2020

Larry June & Cardo 'Cruise USA'

Pour up you a glass of organic orange juice and press play.
You may be in quarantine but you can jump on the slab and "Cruise USA" with Larry June & Cardo. In fact, we insist that you do so. This shit here will put you in a humbled and healthy place mentally. 

When these two come together it's always a vibe. You really gotta chill with all that rara and sucka shit. It's all about being clean while making investments assuring your coin is poised. This can be too rich for your soul if you're on that ratchet, loudmouth, gotta be seen on that petty shit. 

The homie Larry June promotes good health, smoothies and being smart with your money. On the track Rolex Truffles he spits: "My Jew homie told me chill nigga buy stock, my real estate patna told me buy a car lot" This is true motivation from an authentic artist not following waves but making them. Good Job Larry.

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