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Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Vibe Legacy: Y'man Dog: The Hype of "RESILIENCE"

Not Just An Artist

Has an Independent Label, N.U. Breed (Acronym defined as Naturally-Unique) and his self-proclaimed branding as the “Gangsta-Humanitarian."

Best Advice from an O.G. of his @bigfoxxdmv :
“ Always check your money; Regardless of who the transaction is with. And if they happen to get offended that you opt to check your money then there is a possibility that they’re on some #bs..." 
The quote at the beginning of the song “RESILIENCE” 
Off of his debut album (Track #6) DOGMA – (Dog Eat Dog) where it says: Nothing splendid has ever been achieved except by those that dare believe, that something within them is superior to circumstance. - Bruce Barton

Current Album is titled DOGMA - (Dog Eat Dog) 
MAKE some noise for Forest Heights, Maryland’s own: Y'man Dog. He’s from a town in Prince George’s County, Maryland, United States. It’s a part of the larger city of Oxon Hill, MD that’s iconic for the new National Harbor Conference Center and Resort.

He’s a songwriter and recording artist who thinks of himself to be a “Lyrical-MC”. He’s fluent with songwriting, therefore, he creates his own material; and from a lyricist’s perspective, he’s excellent at painting pictures with words that build songs like an he’s pretty much both. 
He writes ALL of his lyrics and for this project, he did collaborate with some dope talent to complete choruses and hooks on this album: @raythemoonchild (Resilience, Dog Eat Dog), @Blumondale (Tonight’s Tha Nite, So Into You), @__voyce (I Ain’t Lookin’) so check out the finished product!
The main reason he got into writing songs was due to his intolerance for messing up during freestyles. He also wanted to be able to remember hot lines and phrases afterward so he opted to become a writer. As far as being inspired by another individual musically, he shares that the earlier albums of 2Pac, Nas, T.R.U., WU-TANG Clan, Spice-1, U.G.K., Jay-Z, Redman, and Geto Boys inspired his lyrical inception.

Artists work hard on music daily but every now and they create a song that really pushes their limits and undeniably, that nomination goes to: 'RESILIENCE' as his favorite song. 

The dedication and commitment to finishing this project made Y'man Dog super-selective about the instrumental chosen to marry the lyrics of this song.  He personally shares: “It's just that feeling you get as an Artist when you feel that you've superseded your expectations with track production. Shout out to @makaihbeats for the epic instrumental!” In getting hyped about his favorite track he had a few other tracks like 'WORTH'I AIN'T LOOKIN', and TONIGHT'S THA NITE he was passionate about too!
Many artists start out with a grand dream but in the 30 to 40 performances and showcases, part of that moment happened at his most memorable stage performance which took place in Mantanzas, Cuba at the 2018 Urban Hip-Hop Music Festival. 

The English translations of the tracks he performed may have been in English but the body language of head nods and dances mixed with cameras flashing with cheer verified that the vibes of Y'man Dog were accepted in the Cuban community with love and admiration. So, Shout out he says “to @africandiasporaalliance, @omarmartinez5034, @linda_stansbury for providing me with the best accommodations and dope memories abroad.” That’s love!

Anyone who does music has at least one Major Artist that inspires them but this genius mind has a few Artist like Jay-Z, Rick Ross, Kendrick Lamar, J. Cole, 2 Chains, Young Thug, Lil Wayne, YG, 21 Savage, Bardi, and Moneybagg Yo that he could name. His reason he chose these artists he shares “is solely because of their reputations in executing phenomenal tracks/performances. Period.”

We are extremely excited to see all the Great things that happen next! He is continuing to pray and work in accordance with the blessings that he’s asked to receive, he shares “Reach For The Stars!” with enthusiasm. He’s staying focused as he politics and networks with professionals that can assure progressive track production, quality song collaboration, epic video treatment & production, lucrative management opportunities, significant placements, as well as various show bookings and or tour possibilities. He considers himself to be a Career Artist so having longevity is his duty in order for him to ultimately succeed in this industry, so as far as his music Career that’s greatly solidified!
YET the work doesn’t stop! Right now, he’s in production of his full-length sophomore album titled 'Gangsta-Humanitarian.' He anticipates an EP for this project to be released around November 2020.

To Contact Y'man Dog and Hear More of his Music:

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