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Saturday, April 18, 2020

Vibe Legacy: Terrell Moore: The Freshman

What's the best advice somebody ever gave you? 
That tomorrow is never promised so basically get things done while you have the time #WordsofWisdom
Links to some of his work
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3. SoundCloud

ALL the way from Philadelphia, PA Terrell Moore considers himself to be an MC and a very versatile Artist. His current album: The Freshman, was a goal of his for a long time. He writes all his own music and has collaborated with several different Artists and Musicians on his most recent album. On this current album is favorite song is called: “Get High” he shares that he wrote the song because the “Concept was so different and touching.” 

His inspiration comes from a long line of diverse music backgrounds. He enjoys listening to Motown and gospel music. During his journey he listened to and watched Sisco: The Dragon and Usher.
As it stands many Artists have Popular current Artists that they look up to, so that Artist for Mr. Moore is: Tory Lanez. He is a Canadian Rapper, Songwriter, Singer and Record Producer. He chose this Artist because from his sound and style this Artist is definitely a hybrid of R&B and Hip Hop. 
Mr. Moore hasn’t performed at any major venues yet just a few small venues and open mic’s. But his most memorable performance was when he performed in Wilmington, Delaware. He performed one song called: I GO which is on his current EP. The setup was kinda unusual because the Artists that were supposed to perform on the song weren’t there so he had to get his Artist friend Queen Mesh to help him perform the song. The audience was still very supportive!

Terrell Moore is constantly working on the next phase of his Music Career! So much goes into getting his music out there so while he is promoting and performing songs from his current album he is also excited about the creation and release of his second EP very soon and he’s looking forward to performing at bigger venues, hopefully, this year!

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