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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

DJ Gea's Hot Zone: Love Dorsey 'Still Savage'

Love Dorsey is a multitalented mogul that is destined to leave a major impact on the industry. Love’s book "Pay Attention" speaks volumes.
You better pay attention because this beautiful and edgy woman is coming to take her spot in the industry. "Still Savage' is a statement record that gives listeners the turn-up and boss feel all in one. The beat got the throw it back and drop, while she spits that follow my lead. 

It’s the perfect recipe to make the world pay attention. The song never loses its sting as she flips through different statement chants during the song like “ It’s weighing on you bad cause I’m still the shit, it’s up there, cause I’m badder than yo bitch” Is definitely right on point as you look at the visual that she dropped with the record. 

In still savage, she brings the sexy and the hood, while showing you the way to be a boss. Love Dorsey definitely gives you that Florida vibe that will have you on your bounce and feeling yourself. So if you're looking for great energy, dope flow, and a boss chick, you found her. Get you some Love.

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