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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Vibe Legacy: Jae Black

JAE Black is from Asheboro, NC. 
He reigns as the Founder, Owner and CEO and Artist on his independent Label “Illcapone Records LLC.”
Popular Artist mostly likely to perform with if he could: Drake.

Best Advice Given

From his friend of 15 years Emery. They were hanging out a JAE's house back during the high school days making a beat and structuring a song for their rap group at the time which was called “yung gin.” Emery looks at him and says “yo dog out of everybody i know in my life and out if everybody in the group you got it! you’re going to make it! never stop this music thing till GOD allows you to go no further”  He's had people tell him that since that day but there was something about that moment that made him believe it!

Being able to be diverse in the game is critical that's why Jae Black believes that he is both an MC and Lyricst. Why? He makes great music as an Artist and from a technicians’ stand point he paints pictures out of real life that people can relate to.

New Album: “The Penalty of Leadership”
Drops on JUNE 9th 2019! On all music platforms

To create this album he was inspired by things that he went through between now and in the last few months. He experienced a wave of hate, betrayal, jealousy, greed, and even the doubt from loved ones because they couldn’t understand his goals. The Penalty of Leadership is for those individuals who do things out the norm which scare people into only following.  It doesn’t bother him to step out of the norm and he doesn’t think it should bother anyone either; be great no matter who’s against it! The reason for the release date is due to his great grandmothers’ birthday. Her passing has given him a focus and drive like he’s never had before.

Where it all started...

His mom dated this guy named: Al Luck for 4 years and when JAE BLACK was in 5th grade Al Luck and his son moved in with Jae and his mom. Marquese and Jae became like brothers and are still like brothers till this day! They looped music from the wrestling video game they got for N64 and recorded it off a tape recorder.  He had the tape recorder from the Home Alone movie and they would play the beat back off a radio while they rapped over it lol 

Then they got to a point where they took two plastic sticks from toy golf clubs, a couple empty soda bottles and other objects to create beats. Marquese would do the drums and JAE was the MC! It's funny for Jae Black to think about now but that's where his love for music began. 
    JAE Black has written his own music since he was 10 years and has yet to collaborate with anyone but in the future it could be a possibility. YET, as he ventures through new levels with his music he finds that he enjoys the creativity behind each of his songs more and more. He doesn't have a favorite song but the song that he is most proud of would be: Trust Issues” which is off his upcoming album. He's proud of that song because he took a risk and tried something new. So, listen to it and you will know why lol
      His most memorable performance was when he performed a track in downtown Greensboro in 2015.  A guy in the music industry visiting NC got handed his music and liked what he heard. He invited Jae to NY to perform at a music festival called “The Gathering." It was his first and only experience. In his first song he fumbled and messed up the lyrics so bad that he just went straight to the next song and from that day forward he always told himself to be prepared. But shortly after that he took a 3 year break because of life. Yet, now his focus and drive he has now is much different! 


        “The Penalty Of Leadership” dropped on JUNE 9th! He is  currently creating dope music videos from the album and then it's get back to the studio to work on another project. He has tracks for another project that he is working on but right now he's focused on promoting “The Penalty Of Leadership” and putting more momentum behind the project. 

        For Bookings & Music 

        -For all bookings & features reach me at

        • My website: 
        • Instagram: @_jaeblack
        • Youtube: JAE Black
        • Facebook: OfficialJAEBLACK

        Find my music and my newest album on JUNE 9TH on every platform:
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