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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, March 12, 2020

The Quest Chronicles: Rub My Booty!!!

Grab the oils & get to work. I want a REAL booty rub too so clothes are coming off immediately! Matter a fact, we mind as well set the mood right with some sensual music in the background, add a few candles & all. Sounds good right… WRONG!
Leave it up to me to get you all amped for a disappointment! Lol! Let me explain so you can understand. As you all know, I’m a very hard worker so I be worn out by the time I get home. The other night was the worst. My whole body was hurting. As I was heading off to sleep around 4am, I wrote a post that stated “T-Quest needs a foot massage & booty rub” Not thinking TOO much of it, I went to sleep & woke up to a surprise. I had notifications from all my social media. Facebook comments, messages, texts, Instagram, IMO to even Snapchat! I knew it would get attention but I didn't know it was going to attract this much! I laughed, shook my head, got uncomfortable then upset. Mixed emotions much?

Guys I don't know or haven’t spoken to in FOREVER was hitting me up. You never speak to me but want to reappear thinking I’ll actually allow you to touch my body? Never contact me to see what’s up, ask if all is well but expect me to jump for joy because you slid in my DM? A lot of these guys don't even support anything I do, my music, my blog, my clothing line nor come to my shows but honestly believe I would allow them to come over and rub my booty? This has to be a joke! Yes, I set the thirst trap but all it did was piss me off. Jokes on me. I knew what to expect but the amount of attention & the unexpected attention that appeared threw me off. Some guys were like, “let me know when & I’ll come through. Have the oils ready.” Now, I have to supply the oils too? This is comical. Most entertaining are the ones who asked to do it, I reply “no” & then they called me “Cold & that I hurt their feelings” Excuse me, did you really just make this about you? Please tell me I’m being punk’d!
You know what would have been nice? If a man acknowledged my shenanigans, laugh & be like “Quest, are you ok? Are you in a lot of pain? I know women love feet & booty rubs but if you are in need of one, I’m happy to offer my services. If you’re not comfortable with that, I’ll send you a Groupon or something to get a massage because I don’t want you to be in pain. ONLY in a dream world, I guess. Lol. I guess what I’m really trying to say it, I’m very aware of what type of responses I was going to get but from certain ones that I actually know, you knew better than to approach me the way you did. Don’t support but quickly to come through if it’s something close to sexual. Hey, I guess guys are just being guys.
I’m done ranting for now. Still need that booty rub, well more like a whole body rub down but I’ll just go to the spa to get it done. If any of you can understand where I’m coming from, please dont be afraid to leave comments below. I’ll love to know how you feel on the matter.
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