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Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Selma church goers turn their backs on Bloomberg and rightly so.

People stand with their backs to Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg at the Brown Chapel AME Church on March 1, 2020, in Selma, Alabama.
First of all, Reverand Leodis Strong should be ousted at the pastor of Brown Chapel AME Church for even allowing this racist politician to speak to his congregation.
That's out the gate. Second, we wish the whole church turned their backs on him but we're in appreciation for the few that showed the strength to refuse him the opportunity to lie to their faces at such a historical place.

On March 1st in Selma, Alabama, Bloomberg attempted to speak to the all-Black congregation about voter suppression and the fight for civil rights but during his speech, he was met with the backs of some of the members and rightly so. 

This is the same man that on several occasions promoted and stood by his racist "Stop & Frisk" policies, he blamed Black people for redlining and the housing crisis in which the banks were proven to be the blame and the source of.

To now have the caucasity to pander for the Black vote is such a violation that his ass should've had more issues than that.

These people only care about your right to vote when it comes to helping them get into and maintain power with absolutely no plans on doing anything for the Black community.

This is coming as a shock to the white political structure. They're not used to us standing up for ourselves and standing firm. It is a new day and we're not having the bullshit anymore. Getting our vote just because is not going to be the thing from this day forward. Of course, there are some who will stay on the plantation convinced that the people who died for our right to vote would be ashamed but the thing is, they didn't die for us to vote blindly.

Let's keep the pressure on their necks.

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