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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Quest Chronicles "V-Day Love"

Happy Pre-Valentines day! Let’s have Sex, I mean HOT steamy kinky SEX! First let’s get the lingerie, chocolates, roses & champagne! It’s on & popping now!
Now that I have your attention, let’s really talk. Valentine’s Day is just like every other man-made holiday that stemmed from a deranged start but it is what it is. Most downplay it for many reasons; they’re either broke, lazy or don’t have a valentine because they’re single which to me is foolish. You eat MORE on Thanksgiving, open MORE gifts on Christmas, drink MORE on New Year so let’s show MORE love on Valentine's Day! Yes, love should be shown all year long just like we should be giving thanks all day but these holidays are not new to us so let’s just have some fun!
 For couples, you have the group “been there, done that” uummmm about them lol Then you have the ones who actually put in the effort to spice it up every year. Who doesn’t want to see that extra glow on there loved one’s face just like when it’s their birthday & it doesn’t have to be expensive neither. If working on a tight budget, there are so many things you can do. It’s all about being creative & taking time to make it happen. Just like every other holiday, you have a year to plan.
If you’re in a relationship then your partner should already be aware of what you can do or not do financially. It’s more about the appreciation & thinking outside the box. Roses, bears & chocolates are cool but not excited about seeing every year, let’s just be real about it.
Also, the holiday was created to market their target audience which is women but guys need & deserved to be treated specially as well. Let’s not be in a relationship where we’re supposed to be equal then slack in certain situations. Know what he likes besides SEX & put a smile on his face. Hell, send him chocolates to his job, buy him something he likes & when it comes to the bedroom, make it more adventurous. Do like a Sex scavenger hunt or something. I can’t give too many suggestions because you know your partner, not me!
As for the singles, LOVE is universal so just because you’re not in a relationship doesn’t mean you can’t have a Valentine. If could be a friend, co-worker, the elderly lady/man down the hall or even your children. It’s all about showing love & appreciation or remix it to fit your personal life & enjoy it.
Many of you have crushes so you ever thought to send something? Some guys told me that they would have loved for me to be their valentine but I’m probably someone’s Valentine already & have plans. Another comical response, “If only you lived closer” nonsense.
This goes back to insecurities & worrying about the next man. Last I checked I was single with no plans as usual because everyone assumes that I’ll be booed up.  You lost your chance assuming & you know what they say, right? Yes, fear of rejection lingers in the air but how old are you? Are we too scared to just ask “will you be my valentine?” Or even easier ” What are your plans for V-Day?” In that QUESTion alone you would have received your answer.
Last I checked we live in the world of technology so someone not being close is a cop-out. You can video chat, send gifts through mail or if you don’t have someone’s physical address you can send gifts via the internet & all you need is their email address. Within minutes you could send that someone special a prepaid Groupon to a spa or an e-card to their special coffee place. It goes back to just being creative. Less assuming & more taking ACTION!
Ladies, you can ask a guy to be your valentine too you know. I’m so over this one-sided mentality! That guy you been eyeing will be so thrown off & who knows what may come out of it. Even if something doesn’t, do it anyway!
Matter a fact, you can be your own & spoil yourself too. Go to the spa, run a bubble bath, pop some champagne, enjoy your favorite movie while indulging in your favorite foods. Create your own happiness.
I know a lot of this is redundant and said all the time but believe it or not many still don’t get it & need a reminder. It's your life. Live it how you want to live it but don’t forget to LIVE it! Love is Love & I LOVE YOU!
Please share some of your favorites V-Day stories from the good, the bad to the most EMBARRASSING! I’m here to read them all! 😊
This is Ms Gotta Love Me herself T-Quest & you’ve just been Questified! Show love by commenting, sharing & following me on social media at TQuestGLM
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