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Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Tarana Burke speaks out about Bronx teacher getting probation for sexual assault on a minor

While Tarana Burke founder of the #MeToo organization that has now been co-opted by the racist feminist mafia
has made it clear that it wasn't her job to go after white male sexual predators, she actually took to Twitter to speak out about the Bronx teacher who was sentenced to 10 years probation and is able to keep teaching. 

This was in response to a NY Daily News article on the topic. 

We won't quote her words but allow you to see for yourself.

This is the first time (that we know of to be fair) that she has spoken up about a white predator. Still have yet to hear her speak out about all the white men that are skating by getting away with all of the allegations some of which have been proven. Do you think she's growing a spine and is willing to go against the grain? Or is this a soft target that she knows will likely not piss off her white handlers?

Let us know what you think in the comment section below.



Barry said...

So now she don’t like the trap she set for BM! Welcome to the bed you made

Apex Coture Magazine said...

Yes, she sure did make that bed. Let's see how long it takes for her to walk back her words.

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