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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Monday, February 17, 2020

Carol Cake Serves Up the Perfect Get Over Your Ex Anthem

Trading in her spikes for a microphone (temporarily) the Los Angeles Olympian and USC alumni shows that her iconic roots are more than just athletic with the introduction of her music persona, Carol Cake.
Known to run circles around her competition in the track and field world, Carol Cake has continued to set the bar with her athletic and musical accomplishments. Elevating her value as an overall entertainer with records solidifying her as the ‘Fastest Woman in Puerto Rico’ and roles in major campaigns including Apple watches commercials, Carol Cake takes no prisoners which can be heard on her latest single ‘Flex on My Ex.’

Not to subjectify herself to a specific genre, “The Fastest Woman in Hip-Hop” has been a title given to her by music colleagues and those who have had the pleasure to listen to her lyrical daggers. With star-studded collaborations including her 2018 feature on Houston rapper Z-Ro’s ‘Crazy,’ Carol Cake shows that she can hold her own in still a male-dominated industry. 

Commanding the room when she walks into a studio with her presence, Carol Cake is earning her stripes in a new fashion as displayed on “Flex on My Ex.” The MoHitsville produced track lets the Los Angeles entertainer reflects on past failed relationships while providing herself an outlet to unite others who can relate. Turning a real life drama with an ex into her next hit record, Carol Cake lets it be known on the hook “I’ma Flex On My Ex, Cuz I know I’m Up Next” that she is unbothered and that “success is the best revenge.” Plus, who doesn’t want to flex on their ex?!

“Flex on My Ex” from Carol Cake is now available on all streaming platforms

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