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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Cover Event: 6ix City Dutchess 2020 Buss Down

The city of Toronto has been producing major stars in the last decade and it doesn't seem like that is going to change in the new decade.
We're connected with the best of the best from 6ix City and in this article, you will get an exclusive experience with the next big move out of the town.

After this, you will be on the "Buss Down" wave and there will be no turning back. Let's get it in!

 ACM: We got the 6ix City Goddess in the buildin! Please let the people know who you are.

D: This your girl Dutchess from Toronto, Canada, repping the 6ix. I'm just a young ambitious creator trying to make a serious mark in the music industry. 

ACM: So we wanna know a bit about you. Tell us where you're from, where you were raised/got your game from and your nationality. We ask because we gotta know what came together to create such sexy features.

D: I was raised in the outskirts of Toronto. We say the east such as Scarborough, Durham, & North York. My mom and I spent a lot of time in downtown Toronto since I was four years old. My mother’s side of the family is native Indian (Mic Mac) tribe and my father is Jamaican.

ACM: You could easily just be a camera killa (model), what made you get into Hip Hop?

D:  My love of music yeah it’s easy being a video vixen but I have real passion when it comes to creating each project and I’m on a mission to produce a record that the world can’t deny.

ACM: We been rockin witcha for a few years but for the people, how long have you been grindin this music?

D: I been pursuing music for a while now. I was in a group before and we had creative differences which put a lot of projects on pause and a standstill All together, I’ll say seven years but as a serious independent artist, two years now.

ACM: There's heavy confidence in your music and the sound is unique. Does that have anything to do with the vibe of Toronto? 

D: Toronto definitely has big confidence. I’m sure I Channel that in my music as well as having a Caribbean background but at the same time, I don’t like to copy anything. I like to be myself at all times! If you hear a 1,2 talk in my music then it came honestly

ACM: Let's talk about your 2018 release "Trap Madonyah". Definitely some bangers on there. What does the title mean and what was your aim with that EP?

D: My idea for the Trap Madonyah release was to mix something old with the new. When you read it you think of Madonna, a music legend, but it was inspired by Foxy Brown and Jay Z song "I’ll Be". I mixed the trap with it to give you a newer feel.

ACM: How was it received by the fans and industry? Did it open doors for your next move?

D: The project was received well & I think it opened my city’s eyes up a bit like okay she do this for real. I always get love from the states, but my city seems to be tougher critics, especially when you're from here. 

ACM: How did "Get It On" featuring Sarauchie come about?

D: I created it in a feel-good moment drinking some wine and pulled a collaboration with a female in my city because the females haven’t united in the city yet as I did with Dirty featuring Nanna Goodie and Buss Down featuring Golde London.

ACM: Now let's get to the meat of the meal. Talk to us about your latest single BussDown featuring Golde London. This joint is blazin up right now. What's the deets on this one?

D: Buss down is one of my favorites to date. It was just a fun female record and I had to get one of my favorite female artists from the city who been grinding as long as me and honestly shoot day was more or less a bunch of girls having a great time didn’t feel like work at all. Shoutout to Golde London, she's a star.

ACM: What should we be expecting from Dutchess this year?

D: A lot more coming from Dutchess. This is the beginning and I’m going to capture everyone’s heart one by one while creating amazing music.

ACM: Are there more features coming? And are there any artists in the industry that you would like to work with? Male and Female.

D: Features are always apart of the journey so yes I have so many people I wanna create with. I’ll give you one, Travis Scott. I would love to pick his brain on production and the visuals he comes up with. I think he’s extremely talented.

ACM: There are some fellas watching that would love to shoot their shot. Asking for them niggas, is Dutchess single? Or focusing on the bag right now?

D: All about the bag.

ACM: You on the road or got any tours coming up? And how can they book you if they wanna bring the Queen to their city?

D: Follow me to keep up to date with tour and show dates.

ACM: We totally appreciate your taking your time to chop it up with us. At this time please add anything we may have left out that you want the people to know, shout outs and what magazine your rockin with! 

D: Thank you Apex. It’s always a pleasure rocking with y’all!! It’s your girl Dutchess, 6ix city Dutchess gods gift the 6ix in this bitch. Y’all go support my music “Trap Madonyah” on Spotify and any other streaming play form. Buss Down video out now on YouTube, Go support that and follow me❤

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