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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Coture Conversations: Bonnie Dollas

Ain't nothin new about stars being groomed from the west. In this case, things are no different. The star power is evident and the influence is strong.
We tend to have an eye for those who have created a wave that will soon become a tsunami. This woman has done that and is on the rise rapidly. You wanna know who she is? You're about to find out. 
ACM: Ladies and Gents, we got a rising star in the building. Please let the good people know who you are.

BD: I go by the name of Bonnie Dollas, a.k.a. the Queen of Trap.

ACM: Let us get to know you a bit. You're born and raised in the west. What city and hood you got your game from?

BD: I was born in raised in South Central Los Angeles off of Slauson Crenshaw, which is Nipsey Hussle's stomping grounds as well, so my game is solid and laced pretty tight.

ACM: You got your start super early. What made you gravitate towards Hip Hop and at what age?

BD: I gravitated towards Hip Hop at the age of 12 when I was overheard by the older guy at the Slauson Swapmeet while rapping something I wrote to one of my childhood friends. He couldn't believe my age so I gave Him my moms number to meet her and get her permission to take me to the studio. I fell in love from there.

ACM: At an early age, you won quite a few poetry contests. How did that help shape you into what we see today?

BD: The poetry contests that I won as an adolescent sharpened my gift for writing music because it helped me express my inner feelings through rhythm. So writing comes naturally.

ACM: I hear you were endorsed by the big homie Too $hort. How did that come about?

BD: I was actually at a Rappin 4 Tay years back and he happens to be present and at the time I was performing my throwback trio from SoundCloud title: FBO anthem, levels, and you a thot. He really dug my flow and the show I put on and from that point, I had his support and green light to keep going. I have actually had people say my old flow reminded them of a female Too $hort in a few of my classic records.

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ACM: Your music is raw as shit. Who are some of your influences? 

BD: Some of my Influences are Lil Wayne, Gucci Mane, Lil Kim, Foxy Brown, Mystikal, Ludacris, and  Mia X

ACM: Who is your target audience?

BD: I don't have a target audience because I make music that all people can relate too. I don't limit myself to one style or topic, I just make music based on current events and emotions.

ACM: Are you working on an album? If so, what topics do you plan on tackling?

BD: Right now I am working on my first mixtape called "Trap Szn". I will have all my hottest freestyles from my 60-day challenge on wax so that will be pretty exciting.

ACM: Who have you worked with as far as features and who would you like to work with in the future?

BD: As far as features, I just recently worked with a hot new artist from Hemet, California, name Spank Nitti James and man it was a super dope turn out being that way are both very unique writers. In the future, I would love to do a track with Pop Smoke or DaBaby. 

ACM: Talk about your single and video 'Or Naw'. What was the concept behind this one?

BD: My song "Or Naw" was built around the concept of eliminating the word try. In my world, there is no in-between either you're going to make something happen or naw lol. This was my first official video dropped so I definitely wanted to film it in my hood where I was raised and with the people I know that love and support my music career, Shout out to J-stone, All Money In, and cowboy for there appearances.

ACM: Yeah big shout to J Stone. That man is holding it down for Nipsey real thorough. You in yo hood in the video?

BD: Yes, I am most definitely in my hood in the video right off 58th street and 7th avenue.

ACM: Let's get up in 'Strawberries N Hennessy'. This joint is bonkers! Give us the rundown from the concept of the record to all that chocolate ass in the video and the men surrounding you. 

BD: Lol. My strawberries N Hennessy Video is the rollout of my Strip Club Tour I'm putting together this year. That's why its so much ass in the video. I chose the name because first of all its one of my favorite alcohol mixtures and it describes my personality … "sweet like strawberries but strong like Hennessy" ... The scene with the guys surrounding me was the illusion of me being a piece of art but not real until I felt like I have convinced them enough to draw down on them and rob them of course leading to one of my future videos. 

ACM: Oh That's dope! You brought back the snap movement in there which was dope. Was that planned?

BD: Yes, the snap movement was planned for sure. I love the snap so much because it goes perfect with the track and was super creative.

ACM: What you got in the chamber for us in 2020? 

BD: In 2020, after I drop my mixtape, I will be working on my first EP, along with the strip club tour and some super dope Merchandise that ya'll will love.

ACM: Tell us about your charity cause.

BD: My charity cause is specifically for Homelessness and single mothers who are unemployed or in need of a support system. I am looking to help them find their passion and create their own career/ business so that they can become independent doing what they love and not be limited.

ACM: We know that the fellas shoot their shots in your DM all the time. Are they wasting their time? Is there a Mr Dollas? Niggas need to know this shit lol

BD: I do have quite a few guys who shoot their shot and I am dating someone on and off but right now I am just focused on my career and getting to the bag. I don't have much time for any personal encounters at the moment. 

ACM: Well, if there's anything else you'd like to put out there, make it known. Also, throw them shout outs and let them know exactly what magazine you rockin with right now.

BD: I just want to tell all my fans I love ya'll and to always stay true to who you are no matter what anybody feels about you and never question your value... I want to shout out Vic for networking, MMC artist management, my homegirl Janelle McDonald, I was locked up in the feds with I want her to know that I haven't forgot about her, my cousin Portia, twist and to my numbers one supporters my kids. We rocking with Apex Coture Magazine the realest.

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