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Thursday, December 19, 2019

The Quest Chronicles: Business & Pleasure

Ever had the fantasy of going into the board room with the boss man, he lifts you up, lay you on the table & devours you? Let me fix my skirt before I step out of the room… how’s my hair? No, just me… ok! lol! Now, that I have your attention, let’s really talk. Over the years, I’m sure many of us have heard that you shouldn’t mix business with pleasure yet on the flip side there are a lot of successful business couples out there, power couples at that. That’s a thin line yet scary line to cross but in certain cases, there are actually great outcomes. The QUESTion is if you don’t receive the outcome you desire, where do we go from here?

In a male-dominated industry, I came across a lot of fooleries. I’ve rolled my eyes and shook my head on numerous occasions.  I understand that biologically we are attracted to the opposite sex & will be around them but what we can’t do is throw respect & professionalism out the window.

I’ve noticed a lot of men started to treat me differently especially when it came to business once they found out I wasn’t interested in them on a personal level. God forbid if I was in a relationship, they would have really disowned me then!

I literally got dismissed from a movie because the writer/director caught feelings for me after hanging out a few times (hanging out for research purposes only) Once I told him this was strictly business and I’m not interested, He pretty much told me, that he mind as well stop investing into something that’s not happening for him. That hurt my feelings and it’s not fair that I no longer could have the role.

I’ve even tried working with a publicist and since I wasn’t interested, he basically didn’t want to work with me. I guess it would make him uncomfortable knowing he has feelings. Here we go again with the foolery!

What happened to business is still business? I work hard & shouldn’t be overlooked for opportunities just because of the thirst buckets in charge. I know my work and know I deserve better but since I’m still human, in those moments, it did hurt.

We can’t forget to be professional & most importantly, we can’t forget to be respectful. Handle rejection with maturity & continue to make moves. If you’re that weak then you may need another profession. I’ve worked with men I was once interested in and if we didn’t hit it off, I didn’t treat them any different. I respected what it was & still continued the tasks that were at hand as a mature professional businesswoman.

This is a problem in society because it’s not fair to people trying to do better in life and have to be overlooked because of personal issues. Something has to give. This topic, I can go on forever because I been in so many situations dealing with this but I’ll rather hear from you all now. Men & women, let me know some of the encounters you’ve had when it came to business mixing with pleasure. Good or bad, I want to hear your stories so don’t be shy.

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