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Saturday, December 7, 2019

Pretty Girl Music's Marcy White is the Wave for the New Decade

This woman is a whole movement, a vibe, a motivation, and inspiration for young black women.
Fellas, you can also be moved by the elements of her grind and hustle. She makes it all look so easy as the chips are falling in place like they should. 

Once you put an ear to her music, you get the feeling of a realness that grips you immediately.

There's a rawness in the explicit words but is graceful in the same way one would consume classical music. It's classic shit. With a thick Florida accent, her words pierce through egos of the men and women who fit the description of the topic at hand. She gives harsh realities to those who flodge with a lack of common sense. Oh, she's fuckin gorgeous as she does this. You'd think that would be hard for most women to swallow but surprisingly they receive her and her message well. She has a very beautiful spirit.

 As the music takes hold and grows her fanbase, she's taking advantage of all the doors being opened, walking through them humbly. Being hands-on with marketing and making sure her brand is represented the best way possible, the evidence of her is blatant. It's a mission but one she welcomes with a smile. The Central Florida Classic of 2019 was her playground and it paid off. There was quite an impression left in the city of Orlando that's lingering and having new fans awaiting her next move.

 Not only is she mastering her craft in the music industry, but she's also an entrepreneur owner of The Marcy White Collection with Luxury Hair products and cosmetics to get you right. Shop with her and you will level up to the max. As a matter of fact, here's the info you need so that you can go see for yourself and become a loyal customer. is the Instagram page. Go check it out asap! 

 In 2017, she released her first EP "So Florida" with some dope music on it. At first, it didn't move like she wanted but this is all part of the process. That allowed her to look at the numbers and marketing, go harder and now people are going back and recognizing the record as if it came out yesterday. 

 She also released a slew of singles that are burning up the streets and club scenes. There's "Akeekee", "Fxxk these Nxxxxs'", and "3 Fake" all of which you can find here That was a quick 3peat to heat up the streets and definitely a smart move.

 Then she came through with "Us" one for the lovers and those who want to find that special someone to build and have a future with. We can always use this type of song. We're all yearning for love at some point. This is the tune to relate to that. But, the one to get them cheeks clappin is none other than "Boomerang" and it's lighting up the club scene on some true blue Flawda shit. If yo ass ain't movin to this one it's probably because you don't have none. It's fine, lil booties matter too so go head and thrust that thang. You can find those two singles here

 Things started to really level up for her when she released her smash hit single "Lip Gloss" featuring Orlando's own MookBoy. This song has garnered over 100k views and counting. This one has already made an impact on the streets and the industry taking her to a booking status that most artists won't see in their lifetime. The timing was right and the concept was fitting. The collaboration proved to be well worth the effort. We congratulate her on this. Check out the video:

 With all of this Poppin off, it was only right that we give the Queen the spotlight she deserved by placing her highness on the cover and sitting down with her for an exclusive interview. We have been working with her for a while and have watched her neverending grind so it was high time we put her on the pedestal to take us into the new decade. 

Antuan chopped it up with her in the exclusive interview so that you could get to know a bit more about her, her past and her plans for the future. You can check that out here:


Now that you've checked out the interview, make sure you go follow her:

Also, look forward to the physical copy for you to purchase coming soon!!

Marcy White wanted to give a special thanks to MookBoy for joining forces with her to create such an amazing song. She greatly appreciates him for that. 

Stay locked in as we will keep you current on all things Marcy White!

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