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Monday, November 25, 2019

Post Malone wins Best Rap album at the AMA's... WTF?

There was a major backlash online after Post Malone took home the Best Rap Album award at the AMA's and rightly so.
The tweets came swift and precise calling the AMA's out for an all-out assault on Hip Hop, basically phasing out Black artists that actually rap. 

XXL Magazine calls this backlash "hate". Oh really? It seems as though the hate is coming from the AMA's. There's nothing Rap/Hip Hop about that album but the features. This album won over Meek Mill's "Championships" and Travis Scott's "AstroWorld". Actual Rap/Hip Hop albums.

We must first of all stop looking for validation from white-owned corporations. Not gonna happen. Second, pay attention to what is happening. This happened with Rock N Roll. We start it, they take it, then in time we'll be phased out and they become the face of it. But this only happens because we allow it. We give everything we create away.

This guy doesn't spit one bar but he wins Best rap Album. If you think this has nothing to do with race, sorry to say you gotta be willingly blind and ignorant. 

Pretty soon Eminem will be known as the creator of Hip Hop just as Elvis Presley is over Chuck Berry of rock n roll. The legendary rapper Scarface spoke of this

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