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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, November 14, 2019


“Classy experience, deep moments of happiness, infectious dance moves and the universal love for all music” Mahogany Henderson
This is the life of Mahogany as a DJ. 
DJ Mos Precious (Pronounced DJ Most Precious) is widely described as one of the best l International Cruise Line DJ’s on the Seven Seas, she can only be regarded as a classy charming music phenomenon, who has been inspired by all the greatest DJ’s before her.
Respected by the industry for being one of the most determined and creative sound masters with a unique approach and technique to keep the party alive. Rather a controller or a pair of CDJs, DJ Mos Precious is born to create some of the best moments where ever she performs. 
Always looking to keep the crowd going, she uses music as her form of expression. Her musical knowledge from her father’s vinyl collection has enlightened her love for soul and romantic tunes. Having grown up around various genres of music, Mahogany has learned to be very welcoming to all music and create experiences that all music lovers will embrace. To date, this upbringing transfers into her career as an artist, writer, brand ambassador, and a DJ. 

Mahogany is a very active member in her town music community. She is apart of several different organizations such as, Fleet DJs and USA Blog Network. As she travels the world as an International Cruise Ship DJ,  she gets to collect unique artifacts and learn about many different cultures. She uses that knowledge and those various experiences to set the tone while she is performing. As an artist, writer, brand ambassador & DJ, she has found many different ways in order to express herself through music and the creative culture.
Mahogany’s deep love for music and equal love for writing led her to start her own blog Just another passionate way of expressing herself. This is to help herself as well as other music lovers to reach their full potential and become all that they can be creatively. 

“For me, it’s all about the motivation and emotional connection, while playing the music that creates soulful grooves wherever you are, big smiles without you knowing it or creatively writing through poetry and blogs. Regardless of the harmony of the words, genre, or release date... the happiness will remain.”

Artist, writer, DJ, promoter, and music enthusiast Mahogany Henderson comes from the trenches of Saint Louis, Missouri.  When she is not performing or writing, she is spending her time in the confines of her small and intimate home office perfecting her many crafts

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