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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Haley Smalls 'Summer Nights'

With a voice that makes you feel you're in the presence of an Angel under a spring of water so fluid, this young woman has given each fan a personal experience.
To watch her growth over the years has been a pleasure. now she graces the cover and it is well deserved. New look, new album, and new vibes.

Let's chop up some game with the Queen.

 ACM: Ooooooh child, bet not nobody say nothin bad bout my baby. I will admit that I have a bias when it comes to her and she's just an angel that can do no wrong in my eyes. We go back a few. Let em know who I'm speaking so highly of.

HS: Haha, thanks Antuan, and thank you for your continued support throughout the years. For those who don't know, my name is Haley Smalls, I'm an artist from Toronto and I just released my new project called Summer Nights. Super excited about it.

ACM: Like I said we go back a few years and I've had the pleasure to watch your Journey. You've recently unleashed some new looks and got more camera-friendly. Talk to us about that.

HS: Definitely. I really just love to switch it up and get into different styles. I'm always looking for ways to continue to reinvent myself and grow and capturing that in photos is fun and a great way

ACM: You look amazing by the way. Let's get into this new album "Summer N to connect with my fans, especially since they're always looking for new content from me.ights". Tell us about the concept before we dive into each record.

HS: Thank you!! Summer Nights is a collection of vibes, and I really just felt like the title embodied the vibes on this project. Mostly everybody loves the vibe of a Summer Night, and I'm hoping to give people songs that they can relate to and bring that vibe even through the rest of the seasons.

ACM: So the first one out the gate is "C.O.D." where you quote "I want that money you can't reach". You clearly went straight after the bag on this one. Talk about it.

HS: 'C.O.D' is really just a confident, no BS record. It's meant to make you feel good about getting to the bag and stay focused on your goals. We all have them. The material things are fun, but we also get to the bag to secure our future and the future of the ones we care about.

ACM: Up next is "Champagne" which is a feel good more celebratory joint. Talk about the creation of this one.

HS: Yes! Definitely, another feel-good record. This one is just inspired by looking back on a lot of the trials and tribulations that come with working hard to achieve your goals and dreams. I feel like it's something everyone can relate to. We all have doubters and non- believers, and sometimes it's hard to deal with but it makes it that much sweeter when you get to the place you always dreamed of.

ACM: Real personal line in there "here's a toast to the one(s) who raped or rate me'. Just wanna get some clarity there.

HS: I can see how that could get mixed up sonically. The lyric is 'here's a toast to the ones who rate me'. Hopefully, people don't get the message confused.

ACM: On "Keeper" it seems someone got a hold to your love. Is this from recent life experiences or just a vibe?

HS: 'Keeper' is definitely based on real life experience. All my songs are. I draw from past experiences, and sometimes even other people's experiences. Everything around me inspires the songs I write. I really think of my fans a lot when I write too. I always look to be able to give them relatable content. That's super important to me.

ACM: "Reflex" is real crispy. It just makes ya shoulders move and your head nod. A real bop. Talk about this one.

HS: Just a vibe! Sexy and heavy at the same time. Glad you like it.

ACM: By the way is it my man MegaMan on all the production or did you slide in some other talent?

HS: Megaman produced on all of the records except for 'Onions'. That one was produced by Mark Henry. Shoutout to him. There were other dope collaborators on the project as well on production. Big love to everyone involved.

ACM: Seems like you got done wrong on "Onions". Where the nigga at? Slide him somethin decent. Talk about this one.

HS: Haha! That one is for everyone who's had to deal with relationship bullshit. We all have, but I wanted to send messages of empowerment as well. When you're in a situation like that, those are the messages you need to hear to pick yourself up, dust yourself off and know your worth.

ACM: Was it summer 2019 that brought all these vibes on?

HS: Summer just in general. It's my favorite season, and there's nothing I love more than a warm summer night. I just felt like it was appropriate for the vibes on this project.

ACM: 'Cuckoo Bird' seems to be about the wasting of time. Break it down for us.

HS: 'Cuckoo Bird' was inspired by the men and women out there that just wanna waste your time with no intention of taking you serious. The message is - why would I waste my time just to end up with a broken heart? Nope, not doing it.

ACM: This "Love Song (Interlude) feels so right. This is R&B. I just want to thank your for this one but you can elaborate on it.

HS: Aw, that's dope to hear. That one's simple. Just a feel good R&B vibe full of love.

ACM: You must break down "Teen Spirit" for me. Being far off from a teen I was wondering how you created that vibe.

HS: The vibe just reminded me of 'Teen Spirit' by Nirvana. It's different, but the guitar vibe made me think of it. That's where the title came from.

ACM: I feel like you spoke for a lot of women on "Stupid". Give us the deets.

HS: Yeah, I know a lot of women and men who have been through this. I have as well. When you're putting your all into someone, and when all is said and done, you're just left feeling stupid wishing you would've handled them the way they handled you. People take advantage of your kindness, and sometimes it can leave you feeling jaded.

ACM: This last record "Digits" has a hellova drive to it. Talk about the concept of it.

HS: I agree! I love the concept of this one. It's really just a message to a friend in need. I know people who are always strong regardless of what they go through. They always have a brave face on, but those same people need a shoulder too - I'm just speaking from the perspective of someone with a shoulder to lean on.

ACM: Is there a tour coming along with this album? I know there will be more music videos right?

HS: Working on it! I can't wait to tour, it's something I've been looking forward for a long time. And yes - definitely. The music video to 'Keeper' is out now on YouTube so you can definitely check that out!

ACM: You know I love fashion. Talk to us about

HS: My fans have been asking for merch for a long time, but I really wanted to do it in a way where people would have more than just fan merch and have something they feel they can rock anywhere. Gear they would just buy at the mall, aside from being a fan of mine.

ACM: As always my dear it's a great pleasure to sit down with you. Love the new record and can't wait to see how it does. Shout out your people and congrats for making the cover!!!! Yay!!!

HS: Thanks Antuan, really appreciate the love and support as always!!

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