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Coture Conversations New Season!

Coture Conversations New Season!
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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Alonna Deville "Slugg'N"

 For those of you who follow us and have been over the years, the face of this Melananted Queen is not foreign to you. She embodies a grind that most men in the industry couldn't match. We've watched her and also have ridden right along with her in support as from the start we always knew there was something special about this woman. So much so that her being on the cover is well deserved and may not even be enough to show our appreciation for her majesty. Alonna Deville is "Slugg'N" and so is her movement. Let's talk...
ACM: Our subscribers are most definitely familiar with the face and energy of this gorgeous curvy lyricist but we'd like her to make herself known to the masses.

AD: Its Alonna DeVille, Not your average rap bishh, the lyrical assassin, undergrounds most wanted, BMG's first lady

ACM: It's been 2 years since we last sat down and at the time you were reeling off the success of the "Most Wanted" mixtape. How have things elevated since then?

AD: Well now I have my own clothing line, my single SluggN is doing numbers the video is on Vevo and playing on Revolt Tv .. let's just say I'm blessed

ACM: Your hit single "Slugg'n" has morphed into a major movement for the plus-sized curvy women. Talk about that and the importance of it.

AD: Its a song the thick girls can play and embrace their curves and that needed with most of the market saying you have to have a flat tummy or be smaller to be sexy.

ACM: Out of it also came the clothing brand and it is heated up! Tell us about the line.

AD: The line has taken off it was just an idea to try to sell shirts it has evolved into a romper, dresses, leggings, crop tops etc.

ACM: How far do you plan on goin with the apparel? Shoes? Deeper into fashion?

AD: Honestly I am still learning the business and yes I would love to go farther who knows maybe all the way to fashion week in New York or Paris

ACM: We wish we were the first to have you grace the cover of our magazine but know you have been on a few. You've definitely earned the spot on ours because we're hotter than the rest (yeah I said it damnit) but talk about your experience with the others.

AD: So far I have gotten a lot of love from other magazines and blogs and websites. I guess they realize that grind wise I won't be stopped 

ACM: You have a hellova personality and the camera loves you. Ever think about getting into acting?

AD: I have already gotten into acting I have done a couple plays and was working on a web series 

ACM: How does it feel to have your video aired on Revolt TV?

AD: Oh my God it was like I slapped everybody who ever doubted me in the face with both hands

ACM: So I hear there's some new music on the way. Album?

AD: Yes Album and mixtape the mixatape will be dropping first but yes I'm going to show the world who is next!

ACM: You working with any female artist this time around? Any other features?

AD: I'm in talks with a couple but time waits for no one and neither do I.

ACM: Saw you coolin with Belo Zero from Do or Die. Any music come from that?

AD: Yes we did 2 songs together. one has a true Do or Die feel to it the other will unveil my lyrical flare

ACM: Talk to us about this tour.

AD: Well with me still being an underground artist I reached out to those who have a status in their city and told them to work with other fans I have in that city to get me to their cities. My rates are very fair.

ACM: What else do you have in store for us? We all up in ya bidness.

AD: Honestly what comes next depends on my fans and supporters, they determine what I can and can't do.

ACM: Thank you so much for choppin up some game with us. Go ahead and s/o your fam/team and any last words you wanna throw out there. Also, let em know what mag you BEEN rockin with!

AD: Thank you for having me and I just wanna shout out Beastly Music Group, Beast Up Films, Juggy Dezinez, and Everybody who has supported the SluggN clothing and Me and you know I'm rocking with Apex Coture magazine!

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