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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Friday, February 1, 2019

Kaisha Lee 'My Love Is Rare' The Interview

 The music industry is a need of a cleansing. There is an emptiness. A void that needs to be filled. Every day we are being bombarded with soulless music. We sift and sift through each tune, Melody, 808, strings, drum kits, and versus. We comb through the empty vessels that major record labels fund searching for that feeling. That feeling ain't there anymore.

1 genre of music you'd expect to be exhilarating and alive with such harmonies and high-frequency that would give one chills down the spine is R&B. In this era, R&B has even taken a beating. We have given all of our music and skill away in exchange for what? We're not even getting anything tangible and return.

But alas we have been given a gift. A true Goddess in all her beauty and vigor. A melanated Queen with a mission to deliver the soul back to the black music conglomerate and get it back to its rightful owners. She is one of many who hold the keys to the doors of Destiny as we embark on this journey to align ourselves in tune with the course the Universe has set forth for us and our people.

It's far past time y'all. But Kaisha Lee is right on time. 2019 is the year her light will shine. in this time of darkness, we need her illumination who like the pathways back to our original existence the music. She's already started. She delivers her first single 'My Love Is Rare' so pure it needs no filtration. This is the quality over quantity experience. You'd want to be a part of this.

Of course, we had a chance to sit down and have a very uplifting and much-needed conversation on topics very important to our state of being as we navigate through a much different world than we grew up in.
The need for the soul to be returned to the music is at an all-time high. We really need this family. So let's get into the interview so that you can be right where we are mentally to take the music back.

Please leave your comments below and let us know how you feel about the interview, and show your support. 

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