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Coture Conversations New Season!
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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Ads/Promo: Marcy White to release hit single 'Akeekee'

You hoes thank shit funny always in a nigga face keekeein and shit. Hahaha, Hehehe "Don't worry bout me betta get money hoe!".
Marcy White is reeling off the success of her album 'So Florida' and decided to drop off 3 sliderz to set off 2019. First out the gate is 'AKeeKee' driven by realism over a charged up track. 

"I got the buns and the titties with the matchin smile/ Broads claimin that they gator but I'm crocodile/ You ain't the wifey type ho you da pass around/ You was laughin then/ Bitch I'm laughin now"

This shit is cold blooded. Y'all betta get ready for an eventful year. Marcy White ain't lettin up!

Available on all platforms Now!!!

Purchase 'AKeeKee'

Purchase 'Fxxk These Nxxxxs'

Purchase '3Fake'

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