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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Album Review: Belly 'Immigrant'

 If you are indeed like me an avid listener to the homie Belly you were excited about his 2018 release 'Immigrant'. This album is well-rounded, the concept is necessary and it is evident that there was time put into this record to ensure quality.

In just 11 Tracks he gets his point across with a surge of content overproduction specifically composed to fit his narrative. Like the title track 'Immigrant' featuring Meek Mill. They team up to touch on the important current events in the state of as we live and breathe in pursuit of a better future under this current Administration. Quotable lines like "it's nothing more Priceless than being free, immigrant, that's why they hate me just for being me" set up bar to the level of Consciousness you would need to receive divide and feel of this album. 

Each track has a built-in pleasure component the features picked to enhance the song with their contribution. Yo Gotti adds an authentic flair to the track 'Numbers' that would be too rich for the ears of those who are accustomed to the 'count it up' and 'run up a check' rappers. If you are looking to hear that shit go to SoundCloud or the mymixtapez they have plenty of that mumbo jumbo to serve ya.

Other features include M.I.A, Metro Boomin, French Montana, The Weeknd, and Nav all who came together to make sure that this record was a solid body of work. That it is.

We'd suggest you take a good listen, rub a few nickels together and copp the album. You can thank us later or you don't have to thank us at all. This is our duty to run down the good shit in hip-hop and deliver it to you on our platform on a silver fucking platter. Enjoy

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