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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Entertainment News: Charlamagne Tha God's Sexual Assault accuser wants to reopen the closed case

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Ain't this some shit. A petition has been started in support of the firing of the homie Charlamagne from the very popular Breakfast Club show for (get this) and old sexual assault case from 2001 where he was cleared of the charges with DNA. Yet and still this person wants to reopen the case and take the man up through there.

This is an obvious attack on his reputation and just petty x 100. This is where it's time for this person to reevaluate her own life and get her shit together because this is clearly a desperate attempt at attention and most likely a settlement. 

The fact that over 1,700 people have already signed the petition is even more staggering. We know that the hate it real. It seems this is a reason for people who've been needing a reason for him to fail to come out of the woodworks. It's making headlines for what? 

He's spoken publicly about this before.

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